Camellia Sinensis Tea Plants

For thousands of years, we have enjoyed the taste of tea.  We drink it iced, we drink it hot and it's no wonder it's the world's most popular beverage only next to water. 

All true tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis.  This wonderful plant is indeed a camellia, but not like its cousins Japonica and Sasanqua who boasts large beautiful flowers.  Camellia sinensis has much more~ the building blocks that turn leaves into a special brew that we all love.  Whether, green, black, or oolong, all tea starts from just one leaf.  It's how you process it that determines what you end up with.  

Tea grows great in most mild climates like zone 7-10.  It can be grown in containers or in greenhouses during the dormant season where outdoor planting is not advisable.  

CamelliaShop Tea Plants are not brokered.  We are the grower, we are the developer and we are the retailer. Our plants are GEORGIA GROWN.  We also have grown and made tea from our own plants for many years.  We are here for you long after the sale to help you make the most of your plants. 

To learn more about how to grow this fabulous plant in your garden, make sure you check out our very own book on tea!  The Tea Gardener was written to help the aspiring home tea gardener learn how to grow this remarkable plant!  

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If you're nearby, visit us at Blackcreek Nursery & Garden.  We specialize in many different types of plants including flowering camellia, edibles, shrubs, trees and much more.  We also have larger Camellia sinensis plants available in 2-year and 3-year sizes that are too large to ship.