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Camellia sinensis Tea Seeds - 20ct FREE SHIPPING

Camellia sinensis Tea Seeds - 20ct FREE SHIPPING

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Create your own homegrown tea with Camellia Sinensis.   These Tea seeds will allow you to grow your tea plants and enjoy the benefits of homegrown tea. Each pack contains 20 seeds, providing you with a plentiful supply for your personal tea collection. Start your tea-growing journey today!

These tea seeds are from open-pollinated Tea plants of various origins.  They are grown in Georgia at the Blackcreek Tea Garden and harvested in October 2023. They have been in cold stratification and will be ready to plant when shipped.  Each package will contain 20 seeds and instructions on how to germinate and grow your seeds into healthy plants! 

Tea can grow in USA climate zones 7-9.  

Exclusion: This product does not ship to Hawaii or California

We do not guarantee that your seeds will sprout, or grow.  But we can assure you that they have been handled with the utmost care just as we do for seeds that we plant. Following our directions, you should have most if not all of them germinate properly.  


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