About Our Plants

We have grown Camellias in our family owned Georgia business since 1957.   We are passionate about our Camellias and strive to grow only the best varieties to provide to our customers.  We believe that not all Camellias are equal.  There are some that grow better, bloom better, and look better than others.  Those are the ones we grow, the “giants” we call them.  No matter how big or small, they make a statement in the garden!

BUDS OR BLOOMS:  Don’t buy looking for instant Camellia blossoms.  The plants we ship, may or may not have buds when you receive them.  This can be due to many factors:

  • Age of plant – late onset of buds.  Many plants will not produce buds on young plants.  That will come with age.
  • Time of shipping vs bud set.  Many times plants will ship after the plant has bloomed.
  • Shipping Stress.  The shipment process is harsh on plants and buds are extremely fragile and can be knocked off during shipment.
  • State Requirements.  Many states will not allow plants with buds, or buds showing color.  This is to prevent the spread of petal blight.

We produce all of our varieties by cuttings.  Some plants will have one cutting to the pot, some will have multiple.  In our 60+ years of growing, we have found no problems with multiple cuttings and in some instances, especially with slow growing plants, this is desirable.  However, we don’t recommend trying to separate plants.  Roots will graft together and separation could damage the entire plant.

Our plants are sent to you in the soil, in the pot.  We do not bare root.  In our opinion, this practice should be done only by the highly experienced to prevent plant loss.

All of our plants are treated with an insecticide to prevent the spread of fire ants as required by USDA in order to ship plants.

We do our part in making sure that your camellias are healthy at the time of sale and shipment, they have passed all state and federal health requirements, and they are true to name.  When our camellias are shipped to you and arrive safely, then it’s your turn to take them the rest of the way.   But we won’t leave you hanging.  If you have a problem with any of our plants please don’t hesitate to contact us.  If something doesn’t look right, call us.  Many times we can help with camellia problems before they become un-savable.