About Us

CamelliaShop & Blackcreek Nursery

Camelliashop is an online outlet for purchasing Camellias to be shipped throughout the USA.  Plants in our collection are usually 1 year old plants in quart pots that are easily packaged and shipped more economically than larger plants.  

All of the plants from Camelliashop are grown at Blackcreek Nursery & Garden in Georgia.  We are a retail nursery that specializes in many plants including Camellias, Tea Plants, Edibles, Shrubs, Trees & Perennials. 

We also have a 1/2 acre tea garden where all of our tea plants are produced.  Our tea garden is also used as an educational opportunity where we provide classes on how to grow and make your own tea!   With over 30 years of growing and producing tea, we are so happy to be able to teach - which is what we do best! 

On CamelliaShop.com we ony have a limited number of plants available for shipping, but at our nursery we have a much wider selection of Camellias that are larger and more established and ready for your garden.   Due to the high cost of shipping and packaging supplies, we do not ship larger plants.

To learn more about Blackcreek Nursery & Garden,  visit our website at www.Blackcreeknsy.com