CamelliaShop & Covid-19

Although our retail nursery took a hit this spring with Covid-19,  CamelliaShop saw a huge increase in online orders.  While that was good in one way, it also depleted our inventory and we are certainly feeling the effects of that this fall.  Plants will only grow as fast as they grow so many of our favorites are either out of stock this season or delayed to allow for a little more growing time!   This has not been an easy time for all of us so please bear with us as we try to get these babies growing as fast as we can!  And most of all, thank you for supporting our small business.


All shipments are being scheduled for October when we will be able to ship UPS.  We have been shipping with USPS during the summer months and they are having a hard time getting packages delivered in a reasonable time with USPS Priority Mail.  We have opted to hold off shipping any plants until we can safely ship them with UPS.  This will mean less expensive rates, but UPS shipping also requires cooler weather.  

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The Tea Gardener

I am delighted to offer you my book on growing tea in your home garden !  From one Tea Gardener to another, I hope that this book inspires you to learn more about the beverage we all love and how you can add this safe edible to your own garden!  Debbie Odom