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Tudor Baby Variegated Camellia Japonica 1 year

Tudor Baby Variegated Camellia Japonica 1 year

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Shipped Size: 1 Year (10") Tall Quart Pot

Stunning formal double, dark red with white etchings resembling watercolor. Compact, slow-growing plants, very late season, Zone 7-8-9. Full sun, moist well-drained soil.

NOTE: Virus variegated flowers are not always stable and some blooms on this plant may be solid red and others variegated.  We do not guarantee that your plant will always bloom variegated.  

  • Small red formal double with variegated petals to solid red flowers. .
  • Blooms  Late Winter to early spring
  • Compact Slow Grower Can be maintained at 4-6' tall
  • Does well outdoors in Climate Zone 8-9, possibly some warmer regions of zone 7.  Can be grown in Containers in colder climates 
  • Part Sun-shade
  • Moist Well Drained Soil


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