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Oki-no-nami Camellia japonica 2 Year

Oki-no-nami Camellia japonica 2 Year

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A beautiful pink semi-double with red streaks and specks.  From Japan 1710 - a true Heirloom Camellia. 

 The image displayed is the normal flower form and color pattern  for Oki no Nami but  because this plant has the ability to mutate or sport, we can not guarantee that the blooms will be exact or will remain as normal. Different  flower forms and color patterns have been known to appear on this plant.  

  • Medium Semidouble. Can also produce irregular flower forms. 
  • Blooms Mid to Late Winter
  • Does well outdoors in Climate Zone 8-9, possibly some warmer regions of zone 7.  Can be grown in Containers in colder climates 
  • Can be Maintained at 10-12' tall
  • Part Sun to Shade
  • Moist Well Drained Soil




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