Flowering Tea Plants

Flowering Tea Plants

Tea Plants are Camellias and they do flower, but not like the traditional flowers we see on our beautiful Camellia japonica and other species.  Flowers of Camellia sinensis bloom in late summer to early fall with clusters of white to blush pink flowers up and down the stem.  If left alone, these flowers will turn to seeds the following year.

Food For Bees

Tea plants are excellent food for bees.  Since they typically flower in the fall, most of their pollen sources are beginning to wane.  This provides an excellent opportunity for a 'last supper' of sorts for bees before their food sources dry up.

Tea Flower Tea

Tea Flowers are not traditionally used in the tea making process, but we have heard of some people drying the flowers and using them in their teas.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this and we encourage you to try it and see if you like it.  

Flowering Tea Plants In The Garden

Camellia sinensis Tea Plants are evergreen plants that can fit nicely into any landscape.  The are the ultimate landscape shrub whether you make tea or not!

Tea Plants can grow in climate zones 7, 8 and 9 with little or no problems.  In colder zones, tea can be grown all year in containers, outdoors in warmer, non freezing weather during spring, summer and early fall but indoors during winter. 

Since their growing and harvesting season is Spring, Summer and Fall, and their dormantseason is winter, this makes them the ideal plant for almost any location.


 Grow For Flowers Or For Tea

If you are growing plants for tea production, the constant pruning will keep the plants in a vegetative state and there will not be many flowers.  If you want to enjoy the blooms of Camellia sinensis, then don't use them for major tea harvest and just let them grow.  You, and the bees, will enjoy them greatly.


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