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We have grown Camellias for over 60 years in our family owned business.   We can ship Camellias throughout the USA in the soil.  Let us be your online source for Camellias!                  

Camellia Basics

Camellias have been grown for centuries for their beauty!  But just like us, they have special requirements for their health and well being.  Growing Camellias is not very difficult if you understand what they like and what they don’t!  

The Camellia Blog

Want to know more about Camellias?  Through our blog, you’ll enjoy learning about growing Camellias, a little about their journey, and stories about the people who have made them their passion!

Classic Camellias™

Classic Camellias™ is a collection of the finest Camellias for the garden.  They are outstanding cultivars that have a lasting, timeless quality that are proven performers in the landscape garden.  Not all camellias are created equal. Just because it has


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Tsubaki Tea™

Tsubaki Tea™ is a collection of Camellia sinensis Tea Plants that have been specifically grown and chosen for their unique characteristics that make them a valuable plant in the landscape garden.  Many times you will find many companies that sell just