Tsubaki Tea™ is a collection of Camellia sinensis Tea Plants that have been specifically grown and chosen for their unique characteristics that make them a valuable plant in the landscape garden.  Many times you will find many companies that sell just generic tea. They provide no names, no history, no specific information on the cultivars they are selling because they don’t know.  Many times they are just throwing seeds in a pot and calling it a day.

For years, we have enjoyed the taste and aroma of Tea.  We drink it iced, we drink it hot, and it’s no wonder why it’s the worlds most favorite beverage only after water.  The tea we all love to drink is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, also known as the Tea Plant.  This camellia species is related to the ornamental flowering camellias that we have come to love and cherish in our gardens.  But that is where the similarities end.  Camellia sinensis is the only Camellia that is used for making tea as it contains caffeine and other important compounds that makes Tea…Tea.  As an evergreen shrub, they produce simple flowers in early fall, but as a Tea Plant, they can provide you with your cup full of tea!

Tsubaki Tea™ consists of plants that have been selected as outstanding cultivars that have proven performance.  They are put through a rigorous selection process where they are evaluated for overall growth habits, foliage characteristics, disease and cold resistance, as well as blooming performance.

Tea Plants in this collection are produced from clones which are exact duplicates of the mother plant  as well as from seeds of outstanding performers.  Regardless whether the plant is a cloned cultivar or a seedling, it is put through the same evaluation process.  It a plant doesn’t perform well, it is sent to the compost pile!  Only the best plants are chosen for the collection.

Tsubaki Tea Series

Tsubaki Tea™ Select

Cultivars that have been developed or grown by other growers.  Camellia sinensis ‘Rosea’ tea is one fine example of a plant that is widely distributed by many growers.  

Tsubaki Tea™ Signature Collection – Camellia sinensis Tea Plants developed by Tsubaki Camellias Inc. 


Tsubaki Tea™ is a brand developed by Tsubaki Camellias Inc and sold online exclusively by CamelliaShop.com

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