Yellow Camellias - Quart Pot

Yellow Camellias - Quart Pot

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Yellow Camellias are a special treat for the gardener.  These tropical creations are very rare and must be grown where they can be protected from frosts and freezes.   These are seedlings of C. Nitidissima or C. Chrysanthoides, so the intensity of the yellow will vary slightly from plant to plant. The flowers may have slight variations in form.  


These plants are 14-18" tall in trade-gallon pots.  2 year plants

  • Species: C. nitidissima and C. chrysanthoides
  • Bloom Color: Yellow
  • Bloom Size: Small - 2.5 - 3" 
  • Bloom Form: Semidouble showing stamens
  • Bloom Season: Mid to late season
  • Growth Habit: Upright, spreading
  • Growth Rate: Vigorous
  • Maintainable Height: 5-6' or larger
  • Maintainable Width: 5-6' or larger
  • Light Preferences: Filtered light, no direct sun
  • Special Characteristics:  Very Rare:  Tropical Camellia
  • Outdoor Planting: Not recommended  Protect from frost or freezes.