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The Tea Gardener by Debbie Odom

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The Tea Gardener is your guide to homegrown tea with Camellia sinensis. Beautiful illustrations and helpful information will give you insight into tea, planting, pruning, harvesting and even making your own tea right from your home garden.  Softcover edition.  By Debbie Odom

About the Author

Debbie Odom is one of the owners of CamelliaShop & Blackcreek Nursery.  She has over 30 years of experience developing new tea varieties and growing and making tea.  CamelliaShop has produced tea plants for both farmers and home gardeners!   

I have the best job in the world.  I get to walk out of my back door every day and across the yard to a nursery full of Camellias & Tea Plants. But it has never felt like a job, it's always been an adventure!  Of course, it's not always sunshine and butterflies...there are days when I question my path especially when it's very hot or very cold, or a new bug is found munching,  but I always come back to the same place... I'm where I'm supposed to be!  Debbie Odom