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Sweet Emily Kate 2 YR

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This beautiful, fragrant camellia hybrid is a great garden variety for climate zones 8-9.  It is low-growing and is well suited for containers.  The sweet fragrance is noticed on warmer winter days. 

Size: 10-12" Tall    Trade Gallon Pot


Species Camellia hybrid
Variety Sweet Emily Kate
Bloom Color light pink shading to paler pink
Bloom Size medium
Bloom Season mid-season to late
Growth Habit pendulous (fragrant)
Growth Rate slow
Originator/Registered By/Propagator R. Garnett
Year Originated 1987
Place of Origination Beaumaris, Victoria, Australia
Pollen Parent lutchuensis seedling 'The Czar'
Seed Parent japonica 'Tiffany'
Climate Zone 8-9