Old Savannah Tea is the first Tea Plant in the Tsubaki Tea™ Collection. They are grown from cuttings and every plant is an exact duplicate or clone. Named for our beloved city, Savannah, Georgia that has it's own "Tea" roots in history. 

Approximately 10-12" tall - Trade Gallon Containers - 2 Years Old

  • Species: Camellia Sinensis var. sinensis (Chinese Type Tea)
  • Bloom Color: White
  • Bloom Size: Small
  • Bloom Form: Single
  • Bloom Season: early fall
  • Growth Habit: Dense, vigorous growth - spreading
  • Leaf Structure: Medium leaf tea with smooth foliage
  • Maintainable Height: 4-6′
  • Maintainable Width: 4-6′
  • Light Preferences: Full sun to filtered light
  • Plant Uses: Accent Plant, Foundation Plant, Screen or Hedge, Container Plant
  • Special Characteristics: Camellia sinensis tea plants are used for making tea.
  • Cold tolerant to 25ºF on healthy, well established and adequately hydrated plants for short periods


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