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Black Magic - Camellia Japonica

Black Magic - Camellia Japonica

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Let Black Magic Camellia Japonica cast a spell on your garden! With its thick, glossy dark red petals and holly-like foliage, it's sure to enchant the senses. Get ready to be amazed by the beauty and majesty of this magical flower!

Shipped Size - 12-14" tall

A truly remarkable dark red camellia with waxy petals and holly-like foliage.  Does well in zone 7-8-and 9.  Blooms mid to late winter.  

  • Medium to large dark red, waxy petals
  • Serrated holly-like foliage
  • Blooms mid to late winter
  • Compact Slow Grower Can be maintained at 4-6' tall
  • Does well outdoors in Climate Zone 7-8 and 9
  • Part Sun-shade in zone 7 and 8,  shade in zone 9
  • Moist Well Drained Soil

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