Arbequina Olive Tree - Quart Pot  8-10" tall
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Arbequina Olive Tree - Quart Pot 8-10" tall

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Arbequina Olive Tree - 1 Quart Pot  8-10" Tall

Arbequina is a cultivar of olive that is highly aromatic, small, symmetrical, and dark brown.  They are known to grow in the Mediterranean regions of the world.  It has recently become one of the most dominant olive cultivars in the world and is grown largely on plantations.  

Arbequina is one of the few cold-tolerant Olive cultivars.  They are usually good to climate zone 7.  Although they can handle freezes, they do not like rapid or vast temperature changes.  So 100°F days and 35°F nights will probably cause them harm. 

Arbequina Olive trees are adaptable to different conditions of climate and soil, but they do best in alkaline soils and can thrive in long, hot dry summers.  They are frost hardy and pest resistant.  

The variety is very productive and the fruit matures in mid-Fall but they do not all ripen at once.  

Features Evergreen, fruit used as table olives or for olive oil
Height 10-12'
Exposure Full Sun to partial shade
Climate Zone 7-11, frost hardy
Fruit Olives ripen in mid Fall
Soil Moisture Does not like wet feet, moist but very well-drained soil 
Uses Edible Garden, Containers, Mass Plantings, orchard, specimen plantings