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Fragrance is not something that all Camellias provide, but this is a great variety that blooms in the fall that is extremely fragrant! Grows like a weed and the dark green foliage is a beautiful backdrop to the large white to pink flowers! 

Current Average Size: 18-24" Tall   Gallon Containers - 1-2 year old plants

  • Species: Camellia Sasanqua
  • Fragrant!
  • Height you can maintain: 5-6' or larger
  • Width you can maintain: 4-5' or larger
  • Bloom Type: Single
  • Bloom Color: White-blending to light lavender pink on tips
  • Bloom Size: Medium 2-3"
  • Bloom Season: Fall
  • Climate zone 7-8-9

Camellias younger than 3 years old usually don’t have many buds.  Plant now for buds later!  

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