Laura Walker Variegated


This is the variegated form of Laura Walker. Another great Georgia flower that was originated by Mrs J.C. Walker Sr., Marshallville, Georgia, USA. First flowered 1953.

NICE LARGE PLANTS - Current Average Size: 18-24"   1Gallon Containers - 2 year old plants

  • Species: Japonica
  • Bloom Color: Red with white variegation
  • Bloom Size: Medium to large
  • Bloom Form: Semidouble showing stamens
  • Bloom Season: Mid to late season
  • Growth Habit: Upright Dense
  • Growth Rate: Vigorous
  • Maintainable Height: 5-6' or larger
  • Maintainable Width: 5-6' or larger
  • Light Preferences: Filtered light Special Characteristics:
  • Outdoor Planting: Zones 8-9, possible zone 7

Camellias younger than 3 years old usually don’t have many buds.  Plant now for buds later!