Oki-no-nami  Camellia japonica 1 Year

Oki-no-nami Camellia japonica 1 Year

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Shipped Size - 8-10" tall - Quart Pot

A beautiful pink semi-double with red streaks and specks.  From Japan 1710 - a true Heirloom Camellia. 

  • Medium Semidouble
  • Blooms Mid to Late Winter
  • Does well outdoors in Climate Zone 8-9, possibly some warmer regions of zone 7.  Can be grown in Containers in colder climates 
  • Can be Maintained at 10-12' tall
  • Part Sun to Shade
  • Moist Well Drained Soil
  • This plant has the tendency to mutate its blooms into other colors or forms.