Cold Tolerant Camellias
In the southern regions of the USA, we don't have problems growing most camellias. The preferred climate zones of 8 and 9 are generally acceptable for growing camellias outdoors. But in some regions, such as in zone 6 and 7, it is usually too cold for some of our more traditional Camellias. There are some camellias that are considered Cold Tolerant that can be used for these colder zones. We do not use the word "Hardy" because that implies that there is no margin of error. With Camellias, as with all other plants, there are exceptions to rules. Where a variety of Camellia may be considered tolerant, that is to assume that is is tolerant under NORMAL conditions. There are many factors that can play in the ability of a cold-tolerant camellia surviving a harsh winter of zones 7a, 6a and 6b. Before purchasing camellias for cold climates, you need to understand what you can and can not do!
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