Tsubaki Tea™ Plants - Why They Are Different

Tsubaki Tea™ Plants - Why They Are Different

Debbie Odom

Tsubaki Tea™ is a collection of Camellia sinensis tea plants specifically chosen for their superior performance in the garden and landscape. Whether you're growing for Tea or growing for beauty, these plants can provide you with years of enjoyment.

Search the internet for Tea Plants and you will see a host of sources for tea, including Amazon, Etsy, Ebay and more recently even Walmart.   Many of these are small, plants with little root mass.   Many growers today will produce tea plants that are just 'ordinary' without any care or thought about how they will perform in the garden. Tsubaki Tea™ is far from ordinary as each plant is specifically evaluated for all the beneficial qualities that make it a good garden plant. 

So what makes us different from every other retailer who sells just 'ordinary' tea? We are different because of the time and effort we put into selecting and growing ONLY the best plants. The Tsubaki Tea™ selection process is tedious. Cultivars are evaluated on growth habits, cold hardiness, ease of cultivation, flowering traits, general hardiness, foliage characteristics and most importantly, what they can bring to the garden.

Cloned - Varieties

Tsubaki Tea™ consists of cloned cultivars for consistent performance with every plant.  Every plant in each variety is an exact duplicate of the mother plant.  You know the growth habits, you know the flower habits - there's no guessing.  

Tsubaki Tea™ Seedlings

Plants grown from seeds are also included in our collection. Many times you see small generic tea plants in pint pots sold throughout the internet on Ebay, Amazon and even Walmart.  Tea plants from seedlings sold in small pots are not old enough for the grower to determine whether or not the plant is a good performer.  Tsubaki Tea™ plant seedlings are through the same evaluation process as with the cloned cultivars so you know you are getting plants that are going to give you the best chance of success.  We grow our plants for two seasons to make sure you're getting the best plants available. 

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