My August Oolong Tea

My August Oolong Tea

Debbie Odom

So, here’s another attempt at making my Oolong Tea.  I really like Oolong.  It’s very easy to make, and the results vary each time, but I like it.  Oolong Tea is somewhere in between green and black.  It’s very nice.  It does take a bit more effort, but this batch turned out quite nicely.

 This was done mid August while the weather was warm and new growth was bountiful!


Fresh Green Tea leaves were harvested in early morning



I put them out in the shade to let them wither for about an hour



Then I started to fluff them, move them around every 15 -20 minutes or so



After about an hour or so, I then began to bruise them.  Crushing, twisting, rolling them around.  I did this every 15-20 minutes until I started to see them really wither and start to turn copper in color.  About 2 hours.



After they withered a good bit and started turning brown, I brought them in the house and continued my twisting, turning, bruising and crushing every so often for the rest of the day.  I then left them on the counter and covered them with a dish towel over night.



The next morning they had developed a nice, dark color and the whole kitchen smelled of tea!



They were pretty dry, so I put them into a 200ºF Oven for about 3 minutes.



I then put them into a Ziploc bag, keeping out a bit to “test”…..



I boiled water, then let it sit to cool down just a bit.  Then I put some of the “new” batch in my cup and let it brew for about 2-3 minutes.  I don’t like really strong tea, and so I brew a little less time.  The color was very nice, the flavor was smooth.

Good For Me - Good For My Family!

Enjoy!  Debbie Odom

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