It's All About The Mass

Gardening With Camellias Ornamental Camellias

Each fall and winter, I just can't help going out in the garden and cutting a camellia bloom or two to display in my home. As gardeners and growers, we tend to focus on the one instead of the many. While the single camellia is very popular for photographing or display either on the table or the lapel, it's the many camellias that bloom in unison in our gardens that showcase the plant's beauty as a whole.

The Camellia sasanqua which typically blooms in the fall of each season is the most notorious mass bloomer. The single flowers of Camellia sasanqua are not that variable, but when they all burst into color, it's the most magnificent sight of the season. Camellia sasanqua blooms shatter when they fall from the plant and this 'mass' blooming characteristic leaves you with a colorful carpet as well!

There are many camellias that tend to mass bloom while others may be a little slow in showing that profuse blooming habit. Genetics, climate, weather and plant health can all play a role in how well a plant blooms.

At we look for those camellias that have the tendency to bloom in mass.   Frankie Winn, Autumn Spirit, and Snow Flurry are just a few that produce a sea of camellias each season. So when you are choosing camellias, don't just look for the single bloom, which is only a small part of the plant's appeal, go for "Mass" appeal!




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