November In The Garden


November brings cooler weather, the orange and yellow leaves of fall, Turkey & Dressing and Camellias! Many of our fall blooming Camellias are just coming into bloom in the 11th month of the year. There are a few things you can be doing in your November Camellia Garden!

Treat For Tea Scale & Mites

Cooler weather is the ideal time to get those pesky insects under control, the biggest being Tea Scale & Mites. We recommend using a horticultural oil or organic neem oil to treat for scale and mites. 


Adding a three-four inch layer of natural mulch will not only help your protect your camellias from cold weather, but as they break down they add nutrients back to the soil. Leaves, straw or bark is recommended – never rocks or rubber mulch which won’t help with adding nutrients.


As the time is approaching for cooler weather, our risk of freezing temperatures increase. Make sure your plants have the best protection by adequately hydrating your plants before a winter freeze. Freezing is a drying process, so giving your camellias a drink of water will help them get through the cold time much better.

Save Fertilizing For Spring

Fertilizing in November  is not recommended as it may encourage plants to put on new growth, especially if you are using a fertilizer high in nitrogen. If you must feed, then try Holly-tone with is low in nitrogen and a low risk of winter injury. Roots keep growing all winter long even though the tops may be dormant. So giving them something to promote root growth is the only recommendation.

Enjoy the Show

The best thing about Camellias is that during fall and winter, they put on a show. Get out in the garden and watch them perform! You won’t be disappointed!

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