Camellias - The Queen Of Ornamentals

Ornamental Camellias The Camellia

Camellias – The Queen of Ornamentals

 For centuries, the camellia has adorned gardens, tables and lapels with their beauty, grace and charm, but how did they come to be and what makes them so special?

Camellias are evergreen ornamental shrubs that produce a wide variety of blooms.  There are hundreds of thousands of varieties worldwide that have been officially named and logged, and probably equally as many that have not.  So, what makes the camellia special?  

Camellias are different than any other ornamental shrub.  They bloom in the fall and winter, for the most part, when all other plants are sleeping.  There are no thorns or sticky sap to deal with and they can grow for hundreds of years with minimal care once they become established.  The colors, shapes, sizes and bloom times of flowers vary greatly with almost every color but blue—but that’s a dream that hopefully will be attained at some point in the future. 

Some have fragrance,  some  have unusual growth habits such as low and spreading to upright and tree form.  Some camellias have fragrance, while others do not.  They can grow in most any mild climate and with the development of new cold tolerant camellias, now can be grown in areas where they once did not survive. 

They can be planted outdoors in mild climates or they can be grown in containers.  They have been used as specimen plantings, hedges, foundation plantings & screens.  Their addition to the garden is one that can be enjoyed for years and years to come. 

Camellia hybrid 'Fragrant Pink'


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