Color Your Garden Happy!

Ornamental Camellias

It's no secret that winter can be a difficult season, especially if you don't like cold weather.  Not much blooms during this time but some cold hardy bedding plants.  But if you live in the milder climates of zone 8 and 9, winter can be much more than a dreary day for staying inside looking at the pansies in your planters.   If you have have Camellias in  your garden, it can drastically improve your winter outlook with flowers that call you out of your cozy warm cocoon

Paulette Goddard & Dr. Clifford Parks portray vibrant reds in the garden!

Camellias are evergreen shrubs that bloom beginning in early Fall and expands out until early spring.  A sea of blooms can be seen in  your garden ranging from white to pink, red and even variegated.   Because of different bloom seasons,  you can easily enjoy season long flowers.  When one finishes, another starts and it goes on and on.

Frankie Winn Variegated adds a touch of pink! 

Camellias can be planted outdoors in mild climates, but if you live in areas where you have temperature that are frequently below freezing, you can enjoy them indoors in containers, as long as you have cool household temperatures and bright temperatures.  A great camellia grower once said "Grow them outside, and bloom them inside" .  He was talking about greenhouses, but the same holds true for home growing.

C. jaonica Iwane Shibori  makes a massive statement at Magnolia Gardens in Charleston, SC.  with it's striking variegated flowers!  

Camellias add color to your garden!  Check out all of our Camellias at to see what they might add to your own garden!  



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