Fertilizing Your Camellias

Fertilizing Your Camellias

Debbie Odom

Nutrients are a very important part of camellia care.  Your camellias will need adequate nutrients throughout their life cycle, and they can’t get it if you don’t give it to them!   Healthy plants grow better and bloom better than nutrient deficient plants.

Fertilizing Tips:
Choose a liquid fertilizer or water soluble like Miracle Grow or Peters plant food for plants younger than 3 years of age.  Liquid is not a one shot job.  You must feed regularly, once every 7-14 days during growing season.

Go very lightly on granular “Azalea & Camellia” fertilizer as burning can occur very easily. Make sure if you use this type, that you water well to wash it off leaves and into soil

Camellias LOVE organic fertilizers such as Hollytone™ which is specially formulated for Acid loving plants. It’s the best and what we use on all of our plants at CamelliaShop.com

Fertilize on a regular basis. You eat on a regular basis and if you don’t, you’ll see results—so will your camellias.  Once every 3 years is not enough.

Don’t use any fertilizer that is not a general/all purpose or is labeled for other things like lawn fertilizer, cactus fertilizer etc. Like camellias, all fertilizer is different.

Also be careful doubling up on fertilizers - if you have used any type of fertilizer, don’t apply a second application of something else until you know exactly what you’re using. Call us if you have any questions.

Pay close attention to camellias in containers when fertilizing. Water soluable or organic fertilizers are recommended as granular and timed released fertilizers could cause salt burn on containerized camellias.