Our business began in Savannah, GA  when Francis Eugene Phillips began selling Azaleas and Camellias as a way to make a living for his small family.  Francis was a disabled WWII veteran that found growing Camellias and Azaleas a therapeutic past time.  But little did he know that the passion he had for this remarkable winter blooming flower would not only be the basis for making a living for his family, but one that he would pass down through generations.

Gene’s Nursery was formed in 1957 and it still continues today, 60 years later.  The Camellia passion continues with our family owned and operated business just as it did for Francis.   In 2007,  just as the internet was beginning to get into full swing,  we opened our online retail business, Camelliashop.   Through Camelliashop, we sell our camellias throughout the USA by mail order.

Over the years we became interested in a very important Camellia – Camellia sinensis.  While it is a perfect product addition, it allows to remain true to our roots of Camellia specialties.  But this Camellia is very different.  Camellia sinensis is the plant that is responsible for the beverage we all love to drink, and the second most popular only after water – TEA!   This plant in the Camellia family is so different from all of the other Camellias that we grow, that we gave it it’s own website and store!  To read more about Camellia sinensis, The Tea Plant, please visit www.tsubakitea.com

We invite you to visit our retail store, www.CamelliaShop.com and see what we have to offer.  We also invite you to visit Gene’s Nursery if you are in the Savannah Georgia area.   Please note that we maintain separate inventories.  CamelliaShop is NOT located at Gene’s Nursery.