Payments & Ordering

We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. All orders must be paid in full before we will reserve, pull, pack or ship your plants.

When you place your order, your card is charged, your items are pulled from inventory and set aside for you until it is time to ship. No other customers can purchase these items at this time. You can cancel your order any time prior to shipment. After the plants have shipped, we can no longer accept cancellations.


Orders received during December-February going to states in climate zone 5 & 6 or other areas where temps fall well below freezing, your order will be scheduled for shipment in March or April. See Your Climate Zone Here. This is to prevent damage from severe weather conditions in transit. Since we guarantee your plant(s) to arrive safely to you, we can not ship in conditions where there could be damage.

For all other states in climate zones 7,8,9, we will ship within 7-14 days of the date of your order if we feel your plants will arrive to you safely. In the event of unfavorable weather conditions during winter or summer and we postpone your shipment, we will notify you by email. If you would prefer that we send your plants at a later date, please let us know in the comment section an approximate time you want them shipped. We can postpone shipment for up to 90 days. Your order is charged to your card even if we hold your plants.

We use USPS Priority Mail to ship most of our packages year round. Delivery time is 1-3 days from the shipment date. We don’t want your plants in the box for more than 3-4 days. UPS and FEDEX rates are not much cheaper and it takes longer to get your plants to you. We can make arrangements to ship your plants another way if you do not want USPS Priority Mail, but the rates will be the same, and we may be limited to when we can ship to you due to heat or cold. 

All plants are shipped in the pot with soil. We currently have certification to ship in the soil to all continental United States.



We sell Camellias that are one to two years old.  While some plants may have blooms on young plants, many do not start to put on significant buds until they are year 3.  There are exceptions with some plants, but this is the normal expectations when growing Camellias.

Some varieties like Camellia sasanqua will produce flowers on younger plants, but they are finished blooming by December for the most part.

If we do have plants that have buds or blooms, they are easily knocked off during the shipping process.  They are very fragile and even the slightest shake or rattle and buds can be knocked off.

For these reasons, we tell our customers to expect beautiful plants and buds should follow in the next two seasons.


We guarantee that you will receive healthy plants in good condition and that they have passed all state health inspections.

We guarantee that they are the products you ordered and that they are true to name.

We DO NOT guarantee that they will live and grow because we are not in charge of their care. Once they get to you, then it’s up to you to take them the rest of the way!

You must report damage or unhealthy plants that you receive to us within 3 days of receipt so that we may take the necessary steps to correct the issue, issue a replacement or refund, and to file a claim with the shipping carrier for damage.

We guarantee that if you have a problem with your plant(s) that we will try our best to help you solve the problems before you have dead plants. You have invested money and time into your Camellias and we ask that you contact us if you see anything wrong with your plants so we can help you.