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FAQ About Our Plants

Why is Shipping so expensive?

Some people have commented that our shipping charges are expensive.   Unfortunately, we pay higher shipping rates because of the small volume of plants we ship in comparison to the big giants like Amazon and Ebay. We would love to offer free shipping, but in most instances, the shipping charges can equal the cost of the plants.  Our rates are based on current carrier rates for shipping plants to various parts of the country.  We have a small but insignificant amount of the shipping charge to cover labor and packing supplies.  We take extra time and give special attention to pack each plant that ships from our business to insure that your plants get to you healthy and with little damage.  

Things that affect your shipping rate

  1. Quantity of plants and the Weight of your package
  2. Distance the carrier has to travel from Georgia to get to your destination.  

Will my camellia plants have flowers?

We tell our customers "Plant now for flowers later".  There are several reasons why plants you receive will probably not have flowers.

  1. Bud set is usually limited if at all on plants younger than 2 years old.
  2. If they do set flowers, they bloom at different times and when you order, they may have already finished blooming.
  3. Even if we carefully pack your plants, the buds are very fragile, and usually do not survive the shipping process. 

What sizes do you sell and ship?

We grow and ship Camellias in one gallon containers.  They can range in size from 10-18".  

When do you ship?

We can safely ship throughout the USA October-April.  However in certain areas where the temperatures could fall below freezing, we may opt to hold your order until warmer weather.  

Our order cutoff date is Friday at 9am.  We then pull orders, prepare them for shipment including printing packing slips and shipment certification documents.  We are required to notify certain states of pending orders a day or two ahead of shipment.  We Ship on the following Monday or Tuesday.  

How Are Camellias Packed?

We add paper to the top of the container to help keep the plant material from becoming dislodged.  We then place your container into a plastic bag and secure it.  This helps to keep moisture inside the root zone to prevent drying out during shipment.  We then place your plant(s) in a box and use different materials to keep it firmly held in place in the box to prevent movement.  

Can I order Flowers to be shipped?

No, we do not sell or ship Camellia blossom.  

Do You Ship To Hawaii

No, we do not ship to Hawaii.  Because of the strict rules for shipping into Hawaii, we are not offering shipment there at this time. 

I know that Camellia sinensis, the Tea plant is a Camellia.  Can I make tea from all Camellias?

No, only the leaves of the camellia species 'sinensis' are used for tea.  Not the ornamental flowering tea.  To find out more about tea, please visit our tea shop -