Classic Camellias™ is a collection of the finest Camellias for the garden.  They are outstanding cultivars that have a lasting, timeless quality that are proven performers in the landscape garden.  Not all camellias are created equal. Just because it has a pretty flower, doesn’t mean it is a pretty plant, or that the plant will perform well in the garden.  Many growers will sell Camellias by the flower only, and never consider the overall plant.  That often leaves the gardener dissatisfied with camellias and judging them all by one bad experience.

Plants selected to be included in the Classic Camellias™ Collection have been evaluated for garden performance, bloom qualities, foliage characteristics, plant appearance without flowers and disease resistance. If it doesn’t meet all the requirements for an outstanding Camellia, it will not be included in our collection.

Classic Camellias™ is a brand of Camellias developed by Tsubaki Camellias Inc. and is sold online exclusively by