Camellia Screen & Hedge Sparkling Burgandy

Camellias are excellent plants for a living screen or hedge and here are 5 reasons why you should consider using them in your garden & landscape.  

1. Camellias are Evergreen

No one wants a hedge that drops leaves in the fall.  Planting an evergreen hedge will give you privacy and beauty all year long, not just in the summer.

2. Camellias are Beautiful Blooming Plants

Green plants can sometimes make for a boring view.  With Camellias, your evergreen hedge will come to life once a year with mass blooming flowers.  You can choose your season of interest – Fall through spring and plant flowers that bloom during that time.

3. Camellias Have Diverse Foliage

Spring Festival Spring Foliage

Many camellias have interesting foliage characteristics that make a beautiful plant even when the flowers are not in bloom.  Some Camellias can have large leaves, some may have small.  There are some with foliage that looks like holly plants and there are even others that put out rose/bronze foliage in the spring.

4. Camellias are Easy To Grow

Camellias are not difficult to grow, provided you understand their needs.  They like soils that are moist but well drained with lots of organic matter, a slightly acid soil and moderate temperatures.  Most like a part sun – part shade environment but there are some that can tolerate more sun than others.  Ask CamelliaShop if you need to know what plants can tolerate more sun!

5. Some Camellias Are Fragrant

Camellia Screen & Hedge Daydream
Camellia Daydream –
Vigorous, dense and fragrant!

What better way to have fragrance in your garden than with a hedge that blooms and is fragrant!  Not all camellias have fragrance but some do. Our selection varies throughout the season.  See Our Fragrant Collection



Planting Recommendations For Screens, Hedges & Fences

Planting Distance

How far apart to plant depends on what you want and how long you want to wait to get it.  It also depends on the variety you are planting which can have vast growth rates.

The average distance when planting Camellias to grow together to make a solid planting is 3-4′.  If you want them to grow together sooner, plant closer.  If you can wait, you can plant farther apart.  Some camellias within 10 years could have a 5-8′ span.

You should always think about the future when planting Camellias.  What you have now will look entirely different in 5, 10 even 20 years down the road.  So get your tape measure out, learn about your Camellia variety and do some estimating!  You can Ask CamelliaShop for recommendations on planting distances for your particular needs!

Different Varieties in a Planting

Because of the many diverse growing and blooming characteristics, planting different varieties may or may not work together.

For example, planting a Camellia sasanqua that blooms in the fall with small rounded foliage, may not look well planted with a Camellia japonica that blooms in the winter with large foliage.  But there may be two similar plants in growth habits that you could plant – like Camellia Sasanqua sasanqua Pink Snow and Camellia sasanqua Mine-no-yuki – one white one pink!

If you are unsure what plants would work well in a group, Ask CamelliaShop and we’ll be able to help you find the right plants for the right locations!