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Pensacola Tea (1 year Old)


Pensacola Tea (1 year Old) 646

New Introduction - 10-12” tall and growing. 1 year old plants.

Pensacola Tea is a Tsubaki Tea™ cultivar grown from cuttings and every plant is an exact duplicate or clone.

  • 1 Year Plants
  • Species: Camellia Sinensis var. sinensis (Chinese Type Tea)
  • Bloom Color: White
  • Bloom Size: Small
  • Bloom Form: Single
  • Bloom Season: early fall
  • Growth Habit: Dense, vigorous growth
  • Leaf Structure: Medium leaf tea with smooth foliage
  • Maintainable Height: 4-6′
  • Maintainable Width: 4-6′
  • Light Preferences: Full sun to filtered light
  • Plant Uses: Accent Plant, Foundation Plant, Screen or Hedge, Container Plant
  • Special Characteristics: Camellia sinensis tea plants are used for making tea.
  • Cold tolerant to 25ºF on healthy, well established and adequately hydrated plants for short periods

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Pensacola Tea (1 year Old)